Friday, May 31, 2013

Original Herbal Jelly (龟苓膏) & Bird's Nest (燕窝) @ Halle Suite House (中国华佗涼茶館) - Malacca

Sweating under the hot sun while searching for a particular teochew restaurant somewhere near the famous Jonker stretch in Malacca, the Gang of Four unintentionally chanced upon this quaint little shop selling Chinese herbal tea. 

From the menu, it's obvious that the owner was trying to break away from the traditional operation of a typical Chinese herbal shop and market it to the likes of bubble tea or jelly beancurd establishments in Singapore. 

Whatever the case, we needed to buy something in order to justify the use of the facility (that came, fortunately, with a fan). Our order - Original Herbal Jelly X 1 and Bird's Nest with Crystal Sugar for 2 persons. 

Original Herbal Jelly
It came in a bloody plastic container! 

That's not all! The texture was hard; similar to those red jellies found at fruit juice stalls and it didn't taste as bitter with only a very mild herbal flavour. Super fail if you ask us. 

Bird's Nest Soup
For two persons, we were expecting something bigger that this tiny bowl. Nonetheless, we continued to be hopeful that the content would be "heavy".

Hm....... for a moment, i was dumbfounded; RM 38 for what appeared to be plain sugary water!?!?!?!

The next moment, we scooped up a huge chunk of bird's nest! *phew* However, seasoned drinkers would have noticed that the colour was way too transparent. In addition, it lacked the subtle unique aftertaste that i could usually find in bird's nest soup. 


Overall, it was a disappointing experience but i was personally more affected by the pathetic serving size of the bird's nest soup! It's hardly enough for even one person.

Corner of Jalan Hang Kasturi and Jalan Tukang Besi

Original Herbal Jelly - RM 6
Bird's Nest Soup for 2 - RM 38

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