Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Famous Bedok 85 Bak Chor Mee @ Xing Ji Rou Cuo Mian (興記肉脞面) [Fengshan Hawker Centre]

Let's face the hard truth.

A food trip to Bedok 85 hawker centre is never complete without ordering a hot bowl of minced pork noodles (commonly known as bak chor mee)! Anything less means you have utterly wasted your time.

With the word "authentic" emblazoned on their signboards, it was hard to make a decision on who to order from between the two bak chor mee stalls located next to each other. It would likely result in a long moment of frustrating dilemma for me as my last visit was easily six, seven years ago!

Thankfully, Kon, the food connoisseur, made the speedy decision to order from Xing Ji (興記). 

Did i mention the bak chor mee is not your usual dry form? Served in soup, i can confidently say there is nowhere in Singapore where you can see so many people partaking in soupy bak chor mee under the hot weather. Nowhere except in Bedok 85.

I could not help comparing the noodles with those handmade ones from reputable Japanese ramen restaurants in Singapore; squiggly with a QQ bite and it was an absolute joy to hear those noisy slurps! 

The meatballs were not too bad as well even though i found them to be a bit too strong tasting. Nonetheless, i have always preferred more meat in my soup anyway.

Main draw was of course the delicious soup! Complemented with pieces of pork lard and soft dollops of minced pork (high fat ratio i presume), it was a bowl of mean soup from an entirely different dimension. 

Definitely worth the travel from Yishun to Bedok! 


85 Bedok North Street 4, Stall 01-07,
Fengshan Centre, aka Bedok 85 Hawker Centre 

Minced Pork Noodles - S$3


  1. Anonymous7:12 PM

    hi is it okay if use your picture for the facebook ? :)

    1. Go ahead and use it! Just credit me accordingly will do. :) Thanks!


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