Friday, September 14, 2012

Scary Carpark, Funny Motorist

I was a bit very apprehensive when i parked my car at this pretty old and empty car park along Balestier Road; should anything paranormal happen, i doubt i have the physical and mental energy to run all the way up to the ground level! 

That weird, uncanny feeling got stronger as i got out of my car and i was almost getting ready to dash when my eyes unwittingly caught sight of this A4-sized paper pasted on the wall. 

This seemingly frustrated owner (despite the "god bless you") must have gotten his cars scratched on a number of occasions in order to write this notice. Wait a minute! Isn't pasting notices without official endorsement by the management an illegal offend too? 

Damn, it should be offence and not offend!
Excuse my Engrish please. 

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