Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hong Sheng Sliced Fish Soup (鴻升鱼汤) - It Has A Longer Queue! @ Block 448 Clementi Central Hawker Centre (金文泰448巴刹与熟食中心)

I arranged to meet up a friend at Clementi central hawker centre recently and was determined to satisfy my craving for fish soup at my usual stall that has a perpetually long queue.

However, when i saw that there was a new fish soup stall in the same hawker centre with an even longer queue, my determination waned. I finally decided to cast my vote with the new entrant for the following reason: many in the queue were elderly and they would likely be more particular about their food than me.

The lady manning the stall was not too happy to see me taking pictures and it was only after some clarification (i am quite bold nowadays) she told me that increased business translates into more work!

Guess this must be the weird scenario when the owner is not out to make money.

Nevertheless, i did deliberate on whether to post this. I totally respect the owner's decision BUT my review would probably result in lesser business for them; which is considered "good" in a bad sense.

The soup was nothing amazing at first sip and weighed heavily on the scale for being salty and peppery which was kind of surprising since the "healthier food" logo was brightly visible on the signboard.

As far as food is concerned, first impression can only last so long. Drowned within the soup were slices of bitter gourd that helped to negate its savoriness and add a healthier bitterness to the fish broth. 

Honestly, i would choose the other fish soup stall over this one; the sliced fish soup at the other stall provided a more flavorsome taste that was unique yet incredibly palatable! 

p.s. the elderly might have preferred the new stall due to its healthier branding.


Block 448, Clementi Food Centre,
(金文泰448熟食中心) Clementi Ave 3,
Stall No #01-47

S$3.50 for the sliced fish soup.
S$0.50 for a bowl of rice

Additional Information
For my review on the other fish soup stall within the hawker centre, please click here


  1. Try the YTF there. its quite good~

  2. yong tau foo?! Better than e chinatown one? :P

  3. yea! better! and also the broth is not msg laden. The one at chinatown is too salty for my liking.

  4. Hm... hopefully i remember your recommendation the next time i am at clementi! :P

  5. I have been eating this brand slice fish soup since the 1st day they open at Ghim Moh Market. Since their signboard states only 350kcal for slice fish bee hoon thus i have been eating that + rice version about 2 times a day. ALMOST DAILY i went to the same stall to packet 2 sets and even 4 sets on sunday as i know they arent open on Monday.

    This stall have a BAD ATTITUDE, previous lady staff (who left after claiming she won 4D) was never smiling and often caught her scolding customers not to stand here and there while in queue, this and that. She told me off few times but too bad there is NO ANY OTHER SLICE FISH SOUP STALL in my WHOLE GHIM MOH ESTATE!

    If u notice, this brand slice fish soup is $4.50 with rice while the other slice fish soup in clementi market is only $4. More than 10% more.

    Today 22/12/15 at 11.55am as usual i went to buy 2 packet of slice fish noodles, i usually request them to separate my bee hoon because i dont eat them right away. Most of the times i will eat at the market and then packet additional 2 packets for my next 2 meals so i dont have to go to the market that often.

    I am only 3rd person in the queue today and there isnt that much people yet. Lunch time starts at 12pm, the staff need time to travel to market thus at 11.55am it's still not too overcrowded yet. The same lady who have been serving me for many months to maybe a year already SUDDENLY claim today too many people so i cannot separate your bee hoon for u.

    Hello, u guys only use LESS THAN 10 seconds to separate the noodles. You dont offer fancy packaging, just put plastic bag in cup pour noodles in and tied a knot and dump the rest of the soup into the $0.20 paper container.

    I find it UNACCEPTABLE to receive such HORRIBLE SERVICE if i have already been eating their slice fish soup for few years and i am eating it DAILY (can even add the word WITHOUT FAIL for at least 25 days of a month)!

    Dear all other Slice Fish Soup seller, KINDLY please come to Ghim Moh Estate to see. I am very aware that MANY OF US CUSTOMER who want to eat low kcal food for slimming or health purposes are willing to endure with this Hong Sheng Slice Fish soup for years, this also means that ANY (as long not disgusting tasting) slice fish soup will sell well in this small estate.

    1. I have always believed that we don't have to give business to operations with nasty customer service, no matter how good the food / product is.

      Is that the only stall around in Ghim Moh? You can also consider ban mian (kosong) within one of the surrounding kopitiams.

      My experience with the one at clementi central wasn't that bad; she just didn't want to take photos which i totally respect. i, for one, dislike having my photos taken.


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