Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Upper Seletar Reservoir Fishing Ground [Calming of The Stressed Up Mind]

The only reason why i have to wake up early on weekdays is purely out of necessity; work that pays me money to pay my bills, my expenses and allowance to my mom.

On weekends, i would try to sleep in although i would at times pull myself out of bed to participate in activities like stoning (due to a lack of sleep) in front of a natural morning view like the above.

This place, Upper Seletar Reservoir Fishing Ground, is actually my favourite spot for stoning in the early morning after sending the asshole Alex to work; i find it really hard to fall asleep again when the sun is up.

I am no fisherman and prefer to let other people do the job so that i can have fish on the dining table. Patience has never been my virtue.

My routine is pretty simple; sit on any of these benches after i park my car illegally by the side of the bus bay. This is one of the rare moments i crave for a cigarette after kicking this unhealthy habit for nine years.

The number of anglers patiently waiting for their catch, the panoramic misty view of upper seletar reservoir, the cool and fresh morning air, the peacefulness of the environment - these factors calm my mind.

I would then proceed nearer to the bank side and every time; i wonder why some people love to fish. I find it cruel to hook a fish and subject it to extreme agony even though i have no qualms in eating them, regardless of the killing methods. Ironic but true.

But there's more to the fishing ground. Monkeys happily goof around with many eyeing your food and drinks! Remember, feeding a monkey in Singapore is illegal unless you are in the Singapore's Zoo.

There are also patches of glistening white stuff on the grass!

They are actually spider webs that look extremely pretty due to the morning dew. Since i don't see them in the later part of the day, I wonder if their life span is less than a day and whether they are of a certain species.

Most likely, i would be able to catch the rising sun. This place is in fact pretty good to catch sunrise and sunset; albeit not in their full glory!


To get to the fishing ground, you may drive your own car or board bus no 138 from Ang Mo Kio Bus Terminal. This bus goes to the Singapore's Zoo and the fishing ground is one of the many stops.

For those who wish to embark on angling and would like to know the kind of fish that is edible in the reservoir, click the above picture.

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