Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nasi Lemak (椰浆饭) @ Grandma's [it's so local...] Restaurant, Nex Mall

"Grandma serves the best nasi lemak in Singapore!"

This is not Kon's exact sentence but the excitement in his voice said it all. By the way, he was not referring to his own grandma, maternal or paternal.

Nasi Lemak is frequently placed on my list for the top ten favourite local foods in Singapore and i am dying to try Grandma's version even though i had been pre-warned that it doesn't come cheap.

Nasi Lemak
The above was eventually served. =_=, i wasn't prepared for a curry chicken as the nasi lemak(s) i have tried so far, featured deep fried oily chicken!

My mom can whip a mean pot of curry chicken and that kind of explains why her children (including me) are not keen to try others.

Grandma's tender curry chicken was just as delicious; maybe even a tad better (than Mom's) in its aromatic gravy that was so creamy and left a satisfying aftertaste.

The rice, the basic essence of nasi lemak, has always been a matter of contestations between its lovers. For me, Grandma's version is undeniably the best representative so far.

Most of the times, i like to add some achar or peanut ikan bilis to my nasi lemak as they tend to enhance the overall taste experience. In Grandma, it was this side of stir fried onions that i found to be really irresistible! I could bloody eat them with plain rice!

I totally agree with Kon (please refer to the first sentence of this post) although i have one small gripe; a sunny side up for an egg will be much better than having a fried egg with no taste.

Other than that, Grandma's version is almost perfect.

Sago Gula Melaka
This was disappointing since you control the amount of gula melaka to be added. That, to me, means that i could do a better and cheaper job at home.

Unlike cendols i know of, this has no gula melaka!!! Replacing it was a generous serving of the less sinful red bean paste. Yet again another disappointment.

There was only one thing that caught my attention; the nicest (and biggest) attap chee (亞答子) in my whole life. However, i am not that crazy to order a sub standard cendol just for its attap chee.


23, Serangoon Central,
#B1-15, Serangoon Nex

Nasi Lemak - S$8.90
Sago Gula Melaka - S$3.90
Cendol - S$3.90

Subject to Service Charge and GST.

Additional Information
While drafting this post, the receipt was taken out and we found out that only S$0.60 was charged for each dessert! This was apparently a damn worth it promotion for every main course (in our case, nasi lemak) ordered.

Complimentary water was served in a huge glass bottle!

The restaurant was helmed by a former chef of Madam Kwan, a top notch nasi lemak restaurant in KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Grandma's nasi lemak is only 80% as good so i should really make an effort to travel to Kuala Lumpur to have a taste of 100%.

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