Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg @ Universal Studios Singapore (New York Zone)

The bad thing about re-visiting a theme park is that although you may have blogged about it before, you are keener to go into much greater detail which could be dead boring for readers who would like to know information about OTHER things.

But since i am once again at Universal Studios Singapore (USS) where i took a lot more pictures than my first visit, i might as well make full use of them instead of forgetting them somewhere in my hard disk.

Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg - this had been discussed previously HERE.

Mr Steven Spielberg starts the ball rolling by giving you a short video introduction on the importance of sound stages and special effects for movies like Back To The Future Trilogy. *note* this is a great place to get some badly needed air-conditioning should the weather be unbearably hot*

Next up shall be the main sound stage where you are seemingly in a boathouse located directly opposite New York City. It was a bright sunny day according to the view outside the windows.

Gradually, you feel a light breeze that gets stronger with each running second. Imagination is not required from the audience.  

The sky outside turns darker with flashes of lightning and booming thunder while the waves get more choppy.

This is when it gets pretty fun; mist enveloping everyone! Essentially the perfect non-invasive remedy to soothe the scorched skin, if any.

Accidents happen in such scenario and what's better to amplify it than a blazing fire from the gasoline booth.

The bigger the better! Pity those who are enjoying the air-con in the front row as the heat can get really uncomfortable.

Helped by the supposedly powerful wind generated by the hurricane, the first window starts to tore off' the building at this point.

Second window follows shortly after and the wind velocity picks up; dropping a few items along its way.

Once the last window is blown away, you have right in front of you a realistic presentation of a hurricane that many Singaporeans may not even be aware of its difference from a typical tropical storm.

Just when you thought that is it, a huge cargo ship crashed into the boat house. First timers will likely get a fright whereas second timers like myself are anticipating the numerous reactions from the first timers!

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