Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Set Dinner @ Wangi Melati Cafe (Batam View Beach Resort), Indonesia

It's time for a late dinner at Batam View Beach Resort. The thing of being a trigger-happy person (for camera) means i usually have too many pictures to edit and this inadvertently increases the procrastination of doing anything!

Anyway, back to my batam trip again before my memory fails.

This complementary set dinner was part of the full board tour package and we were allocated to Wangi Melati Cafe again as the Kelong restaurant is closed on Mondays.

I was disappointed as i was expecting to enjoy the relaxing natural sea breeze.

But the cafe seemed to transform into a very classy place comes night-time and i was most impressed with the food that followed shortly after we commenced our dinner.

Mixed Green Salad with Grilled Chicken and Salad Dressing
Once again, a very normal salad with nice display but no substance.

My standard for a good salad must be ladened with pieces of bright, juicy fruits and generous sprinklings of pumpkin nuts!

Soup- Soto Ayam
How can soto ayam be a soup on the menu!? In Singapore, this would be deemed a main course and back in my starhub days, this dish was usually my lunch!

The soup was light tasting without being overly salty yet each spoonful was as oily as its friendly relatives in Singapore. Suggestion - eliminate the mee hoon so that it would not be so carbohydrate-heavy!

Main- Indonesian Prawn Curry
Although i am back in Singapore for almost three weeks, this is one curry that remains deeply etched in a corner of my brain cells.

Five fresh prawns half submerged in a rich, creamy curry broth; a dish that looked delicious and in every sense, tasted as good as its presentation!

Knowing it might be too sinful to eat it on its own, a scoop of fluffy rice topped with crackers was served together. Gosh, i am so craving that scrumptious taste right now!

Dessert - Banana Fritters
Deep fried in the typical Malay style that lacks the crunch i usually desire; this dessert was simply displayed with strings of chocolate sauce right beneath the bananas.

The chef did an almost perfect rendition with these creamy fruits that remained mushy with natural goodness, not oil! It was "almost perfect" because the liquid chocolate should be not included in the first place.

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