Friday, July 22, 2011

Pork Satay (猪肉沙爹) @ Bedok South Hawker Centre (Kay Hwee BBQ - 佳辉 B.B.Q)

Amongst the meat choices for local satay, my vote will usually be mutton or pork. Especially pork since the cholesterol rich fatty skin is too irresistible in any circumstances!

My favourite pork satay stall is located in Chong Pang, a convenient 10-minute walk from my (actually my parents) humble flat. The fragrance, the charred bits, the marination - everything is up to my expectation to warrant it the best pork satay stall in Singapore.

Until i tried this stall at Bedok South Hawker Centre.

It appeared to be devoid of many customers on a Saturday night but i was craving for some fattening food without carbohydrates and had to have at least 10 sticks regardless of how unpopular the stall is.

My mom and i waited for close to 30 bloody minutes!

Worth the wait though as the honeyed fragrance of pork barbequed by traditional charcoal hit my sensitive nostrils the moment i collected the bamboo (or rattan?) tray from the lady boss.

Charred bits are necessary for pork satay even though in some cases, we tend to receive sticks of meat that were burnt beyond recognition and encrusted with a thick layer of carcinogenic carbon!

The ones at Kay Hwee were definitely better - not only were the satays covered with an acceptable level of charred bits, every stick was sinfully delish and dripped of juiciness unrivalled by even my fav stall in Chong Pang!

There are only two small problems - the satay curry was way too normal without that satisfying kick from Chong Pang and Bedok is too far from my house in Yishun.


16 Bedok South Road,
#01-189, Bedok South Road Block 16 Market & Food Centre

50 cents a stick

Additional Information
Eat them fresh and hot at the hawker centre as the satays did not taste as delicious as my virgin visit when i asked for takeaway a week later.

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