Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fishing Joy (iPhone) - What Happens After 99,999 Coins?

After knowing that marvellous cheat for fishing joy, i was trying to gain as many coins as i could in order to see what will happen after my coins reach the max of the five-digit counter.

Within a few hours, i reached over 40,000 coins!

It's not long before the counter doubled. My fingers were actually aching (on the verge of developing acute flexor tendinitis) but i was so near to reaching the maximum.

I had to continue!

Reaching.... Just a few hundred coins.. Endure the pain....

Finally!! 99,999 coins! Would there be an additional slot to accommodate 100,000 coins??

The everlasting laser beam continued but the display remained unchanged.

Though 100,000 was not reflected visually, i realised the system actually stored more than that amount. I shot many 7-coin nets and the counter only started decreasing after an hour or so.


For the cheat on fishing joy to generate coins easily, please click here. Do note that it might not work for jailbreak iphones.

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