Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fishing Joy Game Cheat (iPhone) - Get Many Coins with Just A Few Simple Steps

Like Coin Dozer, this is a time wasting game (with the same aim to earn as many coins as possible for continual gameplay) and is strongly recommended for people who have too much time to spend.

Problem is; the coins will run out pretty fast especially when i use the most powerful fishing net (that cost 7 coins for each cast) and yet have no luck nor patience in capturing any big fish.

You can buy coins via the coin shop (just like Coin Dozer) but why waste good money when there's a simple cheat readily available. Expectedly, the great game cheater, Alex, was the source for this information.

Players of Fishing Joy should know that once the juice bar (bottom right of the screen) fills up fully, it will generate a laser (i thought it's cosmic) beam for a short period of time that kills any sea creature that touches it.

What this cheat seeks to achieve is to prolong the duration of this beam so that you can get many many coins at minimal effort!

Once the laser beam is shot out, press the HOME button on your iPhone and go to Settings > General > Set Date & Time.

Set the year to one year earlier.

Go back to the game and watch with joy as the coins keep increasing!

And increasing.

And increasing (10,286 coins)! Damn! If only i can use the same method to pump up the paltry amount of cash in my bank account.

Eventually you will come to a scene where no fish will appear on screen. This is the result of an incoming wave and for the game to continue its course, you have to revert the date back to the original year.

Do it a few more times and you will never be in that pathetic situation to wait for the standard coin generation which i think is five coins every minute and only up to 200 coins!


  1. charlotte7:34 PM

    It wont work for me

  2. this was posted two years ago! i guess the developer would have done something to arrest this problem by now.

    Cheer up! Source the internet; there must be other ways to cheat the system! :P

  3. This was posted so long ago! Update me if the cheat still works.



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