Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ancient Egypt Zone (Revenge of the Mummy) @ Universal Studios Singapore (USS)

No further explanation is required (i believe) on what this zone comprises and everyone should know its most recognisable icon is the Mummy! Not my mother lah; Mummy is the term for those shrunken dead bodies wrapped with linen!

Befitting of the theme, this zone is filled with many artefacts that bring you to the golden era of Egyptian exploration back in the 1930s.

There are a few humongously big statues that are guaranteed to make you marvel and at the same time, wonder if the same thing of the same scale can be found in Egypt.

For one, scientists have always wondered the ways and means ancient Egyptians can construct the majestic pyramids! We are talking about the lack of machinery technology 4,000 over years ago!

Let's start on something more visually appealing for ladies (and maybe to some men as well).

Damn!! Seeing these half naked men with well defined pecs and abdominal muscles make me feel so inferior! I guess i can use age as an excuse for the lack of them.

Two attractions are available in Ancient Egypt and one of them is Revenge of the Mummy! Entry is via the cavity between these two huge Anubis; god of the underworld.

Since i am not allowed to bring any big items (no bag and DSLR etc) to take the ride, i have to make do with bad quality pictures taken from my iPhone. To get to the location for the roller coaster, it's a basic requirement for adventurers to walk through a labyrinth!

Excavation scenes like this greet you occasionally while you walk (at times aimlessly) in the maze. This shall help to alleviate the boredom when the queue gets too long.

The mandatory warning sign. It's not as terrifying as Battlestar Galactica but i like it for its storyline on how the revengeful mummy punishes disrespectful explorers! It can be dark and hot! (hint hint).

Okay, back to DSLR quality pictures! Signpost showing the directions of the different zones in the theme park. I will be interested to know what those hieroglyphics on the sides mean.

Due to the scarcity of land in Singapore, Universal Studios Singapore is not very big and you can see items from other zones showing in many photographs. For comparison, Disneyland Hong Kong (many said it's very small), takes up 22.4 hectares while USS is only 20. You can see Hollywood, New York and Madagascar zones behind this obelisk.

Don't you think it would look more authentic (nothing beats going to the country of origin though) on pictures if the background is devoid of distractions from other zones?

Second attraction is "Treasure Hunters". According to the service ambassadors, it's a typical car ride that can be boring for high strung people like myself! Haha. 

It's more likely a visual treat for children. Well, you may still find adults taking it despite the hot and sunny weather. One key reason could be the pretty short waiting time.

See the four towering statues? There are a total of eight such figures! To the left is the land of the dinosaurs; "The Lost World".

Taken during sunset, it's not hard to guess what this silhouette is or are.


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