Friday, April 15, 2011

Best of Highlands (BOH) Tea Plantation (Sungei Pelas Tea Centre and Factory) @ Cameron Highlands

(Part 3 of the Nature Discovery Tour)

I promise this will be the last you hear of Cameron Highlands (CH)! The vow shall last till my next trip to CH, which would be pretty soon judging from the high stress i have been facing in recent months!

Coming back to our subject, BOH tea is well known in Singapore (and of course Malaysia) due to extensive advertising back in the 80s and 90s but not many people know the tea actually comes from Cameron Highlands.

Well, i didn't know this till i visited CH when i was 10 years old. Frankly, I was more captivated by the sight of nicely manicured green carpet in front of me!

This signature rock is a frequent stopover for visitors who are visiting the tea factory. Due to the elderly age of the tea trees, this area was no longer as beautiful as before. Background is still breathtaking although the same could not be used to describe the foreground.

That's how close the tour van was to the vehicle coming from the opposing traffic. For speedsters, please don't risk the life of others by driving up yourself. My philosophy: "If you want to die, go ahead and die. Please spare the others".

Direction to the last location of the nature tour; Sungei Pelas Tea Centre and Factory!

When i was in CH the year before, tea centre and factory was part of the "Leisure Tour" package. Tea plantation, in my opinion, is not really part of nature per se. However, i do agree that back then, time was always not enough and it was damn rushed for visitors taking the Leisure Tour.

Vintage Mercedes car that was used as a taxi in CH! Numbering less than 50 at one time, these old-time luxury cabs don't go by meter and taking them is an experience itself.

The tea factory! Since tour groups are allowed to park in their vicinity (sparing us the trouble and torture of walking all the way up), a visit to the tea factory accompanied by a factory guide, is mandatory.

Having gone through the factory tour five to six times (since 1990), i had to curb my impatience! It helps that the guide doesn't speak Mandarin and i had to translate the process of tea rolling, fermenting and drying for the benefit of my parents.

I can imagine how this corridor will look at night! With a boy running towards me!! Hahaha, i was so bored in the factory! And i was thirsty after that strenuous workout in the Mossy Forest.

Yes, this place does have a spacious cafe! And it's doing a roaring business because of two main reasons.

The first one is that this is the only cafe in the area.

Second reason is of course the beautiful scenery surrounding the cafe!

It's a must to order some hot drinks and chill out in such a relaxed environment.

Cakes and pastries are available for those who are hungry or who wish to complete the vivid imagination of having tea like an English aristocrat.

Price wise, i remember food and drinks were cheaper than Starbucks. The only thing i took issue was the charging of hot water to refill the tea pot.

Mummy could not resist the hilly view like many others scrambling to take pictures.

A panoramic photograph will do better justice for the scenery!

Random picture taken of the building. Those round thingies are actual trunks and branches!

For those who wish to stock up on BOH products, there's a retail shop located within the same building for you to splurge your Malaysian ringgits!

Befitting its origin, a classical Chinese tea pot was displayed in the shop. Okay, an English tea pot would be more appropriate!

The Teo family usually buys their tea from NTUC and therefore chose to exit the building earlier for "external" exploration.

Staff quarters! How would you like to stay there? Waking up every day to fresh highland air and spectacular greenery beneficial for your eyes!

My preference is definitely with this Tudor house. It would be perfect if there are maids cleaning the house and working is merely an enjoyment, not a necessity.


Additional Information
A scheduled visit to the Natives' Village had to be cancelled because of some renovation.

No, the price for each person for this Nature Discovery Tour remained unchanged at RM60 per person.

*roll eyes*

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