Friday, April 29, 2011

Burgers Galore @ The Handburger - 313 Somerset

I admit i am super slow when it comes to patronising food outlets that seem to be super duper popular in the beginning. Well, i figure that since it's attracting a queue, there must have been quite a lot of blog reviews from other people.

In addition, patience (to wait in a queue) is never my virtue.

The few reasons above explained my delayed visit to The Handburger! Totally love companies that play with words and come out with querky names - Handburger should be a mixture me of hand-job hand-made and hamburger right?

My purpose was to try their sliders package but you know how it is for the gang of four; more is never bad. Therefore, you have Kon ordering the Handburger Original and Alex having his usual Fish (Dory) burger.

That's not all! Top-ups were deemed to be necessary to get additional sides that are otherwise charged at a higher price. The dish of onion rings (S$4 top up) was not disappointing and had a special Indian spicy crunch to it!

They were found to be more similar to some Indian fried snacks instead of the thick, damn superlicious onion rings from Buckaroo!

Another top-up was for the buffalo wings that should cost S$8.80 (we got it at S$6). Having been exposed to both the sweet (Le Muria, Sun Asian Bistro) and spicy (Buckaroo, Sunset Grill) versions, these were considered as basically normal, deep-fried chicken wings.

Coming to the star of this post; the sliders package - a four-burgers-in-one combo (handburger original, battered dory, chicken caesar and pulled pork sliders) that is available only from 3.00-6.30pm on a daily basis!

Generally the four sliders had the standard slices of tomatoes and lettuce and what made the difference are the patty (obviously) and maybe some special sauces.

Small enough for a person with a large oral cavity to devour in one mouthful, i particularly enjoyed such sampler set so long the price is still reasonable. It also gives me the mental impression i am actually eating less for more.

(The Handburger Original Slider) My first bite resulted in an extremely fragrant taste that was so appetising as a result of fried onions (favourite) jam and barbeque sauce! Patty was definitely better than the wagyu burger in Aston's but not as good as the king of all burgers; De Burg Decadence.

(Pulled Pork Slider) Hmmm.... this was the least favourite amongst the four. An overdose of barbeque sauce that overpowered any other subtle flavour that might be pleasant.

(Chicken Caesar Slider) The first chomp was on a supposedly plain burger without any meat (i missed the chicken thigh). Kaoz, the burger was delicious even on its own! One key contributing factor (which i didn't mention above) was the unique caramelised onion bun. By the way, i dislike the chicken thigh patty; very plain tasting.

(Battered Dory Slider) Favourite! Crispy on the outside while remaining a moisturising softness within, the layer spicy-sweet tartar sauce turned out to a nice surprise for our taste buds and left a slight tinkling numbness on our tongues. Alex (the fish guru) loves it!


313, Orchard Road,
#B2-17/18/19, 313 Somerset

(Tel: 65096214)


The Handburger Original - S$7.80
Battery Dory - S$9.80
Sliders Package - S$10.80

Subject to GST and Service Charge

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