Monday, May 17, 2010

Sun Asian Bistro @ National University of Singapore (NUS)

I have always wanted to blog about this restaurant but as luck had it, forgetting to bring the camera is a frequent occurrence.

Thankfully, i had the chance to patronise this place on a non working day (Saturday) due to the Singapore Forum on Politics. The DSLR usually accompanies me on weekends.
Without further ado, the dishes.
Fish N Chips
Alex had this. It was normal (a bit over fried) and did not scream of anything unique or unusual. I guess the fish and chips in Le Muria has elevated our expectation of this common dish.

The coleslaw salad was more memorable; cold, crunchy, fresh and tasty!

Apricot Chicken
Lockie boy ordered this. The batter was too thick and it had its lucky stars to thank that the sweet sauce enhanced the taste tremendously! 

The only apricot inkling i had came from the sauce, which i initially thought was made from lemon! 

Sambal Fried Rice
Even though the KonMan drank loads of water after having this dish (blinking alert on MSG), i found it to be very palatable (maybe due to MSG) with only a slight sambal sensation.

Chilli lovers will be greatly disappointed i believe.

Prawn Aglio Olio
Different from the typical plain, un-sauced aglio olio i know, the one in Sun Bistro used the typical spaghetti tomato sauce as its base. I am not complaining because i do enjoy this variation.

Equally commendable was the really fresh prawns (love their crunchiness) and the stir fried mushrooms!

Chancellory's Symphony
I had to pick up a passenger (Ms SaNeVa) before this dish arrived. When i returned, it was already cold... with an altered taste. Ms Tan owes me one!

First recommended by Mrs Diane Lai eons ago, i remembered the rich, creamy chocolate oozing out from the piping hot souffle!

Sinful indeed (then).


Fish N Chips - S$12.90
Apricot Chicken - S$14.90
Sambal Fried Rice - S$6.90
Prawn Aglio Oglio - S$14.90
Chancellory's Symphony - S$7.90

10% Service Charge but no GST.
Peanuts and wet towels charged separately.

Within NUS Staff Club
30, Lower Kent Ridge Road

Additional Information
Not open on Sunday!!

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