Friday, February 25, 2011

Yuan Yang Steamboat @ Restoran OK Tuck (Malaysia)

Since i was in Cameron Highlands for 2 nights in January, i had to make full use of the cooler temperature by having steamboat dinner for the two consecutive days!

Purely for information, Restoran OK 德 (Tuck 火锅饭店) is one of the most recommended steamboat restaurants in Cameron Highlands!

Though i would have loved to try them first, its shutters were tightly closed in the first evening i was there and Restoran Kwan Kee was chosen instead as an alternative to satisfy my craving!

Unlike Kwan Kee, OK Tuck serves only electrical steamboat but provides Yuan Yang (two soups in one pot) for extra variety.

We opted for the RM35 set (sufficient for two persons) after Daddy Teo insisted he had eaten too much! C'mon, it's only some western food 3 hours ago! Anyway, if there are three or more of you, each pax will be charged RM15.

A closer look at the ingredients for steamboat! I could not help but agree that Kwan Kee's selection seemed to have more ingredients - for one, they have ee-mian, which tastes so delicious in soup!

Let's now run through the soups; mom selected tom yum soup simply because she loves spicy stuff (even if the men in my family don't take too kindly to chilli) while herbal soup was chosen so that we can make a fair comparison to Kwan Kee's version

Tom Yum was way too spicy while the herbal soup was a bit too mild for our liking: without the Chinese gooseberries, it loses quite an amount of preferable sweetness.


It's not difficult to guess which steamboat restaurants i prefer in Cameron Highlands when you have read my original post on Kwan Kee!

Taking KFC as a landmark (in Brinchang town), OK Tuck is directly opposite; near to the area where passengers alight from coaches originating from Singapore.

With such huge signboard and catchy name, it's really difficult to miss OK Tuck.

Additional Information
Don't go too early! Try after 6pm!

An outdoor area is available for diners who love the intimate contact with the great outdoors where cars pump out their carbon monoxide. It's a bloody busy street!

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