Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TBB - The Box Bistro @ Courts Tampines

It's really fate that pulled me to The Box Bistro (TBB) at Courts Tampines.

Thanks to a crowded, queue-laden IKEA restaurant, a hungry stomach craving for lunch at 3pm and an insistent Alex who wanted to buy a laptop in Courts.

TBB sounded like a western bistro and it does have spaghetti, steaks, pizzas etc on the menu. However, a portion of the menu is reserved for Malay/Indonesian food like Mee Soto, Ayam Penyet and Ayam Bakar!

Absolutely not keen to pay S$9.90 for a bowl of mee rebus, i decided (after much procrastination and comparison) on a plate of spaghetti and two pieces of TBB special chicken wings (my original intention was to have the IKEA chicken wings....)!

Alio Olio & Prawns
I am not exactly a pasta expert and could not tell the difference between Penne, Fettuccine and Linguine - if i even know the pronunciation for these pastas!

In general, the alio olio (shouldn't it be aglio olio?) was not as spicy as i thought it should be with the little flakes of chilli. It was a tad too dry but i still consider this better from the many i tried before.

Each strand of pasta, in particular, had speckles of chopped up parsley stuck to it. Contrary to popular belief, i have never considered parsley to be a mere decorative garnish; it does have a special taste that elicits extreme response from different person.

TBB Special Wings
The buffalo-wing outlook gave me the assumption that this could be spicy hot with an Asian twist.

I was so wrong! It was an unmatched combination of a surprisingly sweet sauce with some Asian spices that didn't create even a slight explosion on my tongue (or lips for that matter)!

Definitely the reason for patronising TBB again!


50, Tampines North Drive 2,
Level 2, Located in Courts Tampines

(The popular enclave that has the biggest IKEA, Courts and Giant within walking distance)

Alio Olio & Prawns - S$12.90
TBB Special Wings - S$3.80 (2 pcs)

Subject to GST but No Service Charge!
Plain water available upon request

Additional Information
For parents, there is a relatively big play area for your children! Dump them inside and enjoy the food at The Box Bistro, while you can.

And best of all for my Muslim friends, TBB is Halal certified!

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