Sunday, February 20, 2011

Breakfast at Prive - Marina at Keppel Bay

Breakfast @ Prive
(Marina at Keppel Bay)

I was dying to try the breakfast offerings at Prive bakery cafe after my last visit to Marina @ Keppel Bay and the chance eventually came one weekend morning!

It was not as crowded as i expected and though tables are available indoor, most customers choose the alfresco area with the vitamin D enriched sunshine as a complementary companion.

Here's what my mom, my piggy sister and i had; a once-in-a-blue-moon western indulgence (for my mom that is).

Prive Ultimate Breakfast
Supposedly mine in the beginning, mommy took ownership shortly after realising eggs royale is not her cup of tea.

Nothing extraordinary except for maybe the pan-fried mushrooms (i can never resist that earthy taste) hidden underneath the arugula leaves and the slice of roasted tomato that was peppered with spices.

Eggs Royale
Like mummy, i do not particularly like this despite the unusual presentation on a long plate usually reserved for desserts. Taste still matters, no matter what!

The culprit is the smoked salmon that seems to stand apart from the rest of the ingredients in terms of flavour. This dish may fare better if bacon is used.

Fish and runny eggs are not exactly the perfect combination for breakfast. With the exception of a hot bowl of fish porridge that is!

Fluffy Pancakes
Fluffiness is indeed the right sensation when i took a bite. Strangely, i prefer the cheaper fast-food version from Macdonalds! Awwwww, that explains why cheapo me will never find it worthwhile to patronise classy restaurants. (unless it's inexpensive or a treat from a friend)

The strawberries and bananas were nice additions to have; shall remember to buy some the next time i dig Macdonald's hotcakes!


Overall, i wasn't impressed but due to its relaxed surrounding, i might pay Prive another visit for its desserts. Alternatively, who is interested to give me a treat? :)

No 2, Keppel Bay Vista,
Marina at Keppel Bay, Singapore 098382
Tel: 6776-0777

Opening Hours
9am to 12 midnight
(last order at 9.30am)

Prive Ultimate Breakfast - S$17.00
Eggs Royale - S$14.50
Fluffy Pancakes - S$11.00

Subject to Service Charge and GST.
Plain water available at no additional charge.

Additional Information
Prive consists of three different dining concepts; waterfront bar, restaurant and bakery cafe. Located side by side to one another, it can be quite confusing for first timers.

Another place for breakfast consideration is Urban Spoon along Jalan Kayu!

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