Friday, September 10, 2010

Underwater World @ Sentosa, Singapore

This is a pictorial post since most of you would have known what Underwater World is! You may read more about it HERE if you belong to the minority!

A turtle pool right outside the entrance of Underwater World for which the necessary admission stub is not required! Freeeeeeee! 

Unlike some attractions that might have a pathetic one or two animals, this turtle pool has quite a few turtles. And they are not small turtles okay!!

One of the many marine aquariums scattered all over the place to offer the bare minimum for any oceanarium.

The 6-meters high vertical tube that is slightly more unique but provide nothing exciting.

A teaser for my next post because blogger has a problem whenever i upload too many pictures! It was our MOST enjoyable duration in Underwater World. Go figure what it is!

This weird looking fish (transparent stone fish?) looked as if it was ready for a blowjob!

Shark's egg with a live embryo of 7 to 9 weeks old! They looked like the seeds from angsana trees!

A "touch" exhibit that allows you to slip your hand into the aquarium to touch the fish. I can guarantee you that it's sooner or later a visitor will find his/her arm stuck!

Living Fossils section with water creatures that looked almost like their ancestors millions of years ago.

The pharaoh cuttlefish mesmerised us with its luminous cover and a sense of peaceful nonchalance.

Delicious looking spider crabs! I ate those legs in Kushin-Bo before!!! The meat was real juicy!!!

A Japanese spider crab can be bigger than an average-sized human!!! I guess the legs of such a humongous size will be sufficient for my lunch.

Huge cockroaches belonging to the seas!! These creatures known as isopods are related to woodlice; hence the resemblance!!

Entrance to the spectacular 83-meters long acrylic tunnel with a travellator for lazy visitors who would like to enjoy the serenity of the mysterious underwater world.

The initial sight that greeted us! So many fishy fishy!!

Another captivating view along the tunnel.

A group of 'spineless' nurse sharks and a grouchy faced grouper fish!

My favourite jelly fish!!! I think they are one of the most beautiful sea creatures in the world with all that elegance!

Since it's my favourite, here's another full tank picture!

These cute bite-sized jellyfish reminded me of the button mushrooms i love to use for barbecuing!

Dolphin Lagoon, which used to be in a far fetched venue within Sentosa, is now situated in a new location right beside the Underwater World.

No additional admission charge is required to see the (supposedly) pink dolphins! *please note that i have no idea how much a tix costs in Underwater World before this*

We did not manage to catch the meet-the-dolphins session but we did catch the  entertaining fur seals show!

I would love to have one....

Turnout was pretty good for a hot Monday afternoon!

This tourist was invited to give the tired seal a massage; chopping style!

Before i end this post, i will like to ask all of you. How would you differentiate a male shark from a female one?

Answer: By the existence of two things known as claspers located underside, near the tail! The one above has the claspers and is a male!

==The End==

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