Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Desserts @ Tavolo Italian Cuisine

This was the place we originally planned to dine in celebration of Kon's birthday, before scrambling to find another restaurant after seeing how empty it was for a Sunday evening!

As luck had it, Alex and I were looking for some desserts after our dinner at Ramen Nantsuttei and Tavolo was the most convenient choice for us; it's just next door.

While getting comfortable on the orange couch, the Italian (i think) waiter placed two black placards with words in front of us. 

The drinks and desserts menu! 

Definitely unique though not necessarily diner-friendly! I had to bend my back in order to see what was on the menu! The reflection of lights on the plastic cover was not helpful either! 

My knowledge on general Italian cuisine was limited to pizzas and spaghetti. For Italian desserts, it's a big question mark. 

Well, at least i have heard of Panna Cotta; i prepared this dish in Cooking Mama 2! 

Panna Cotta al Caramello
With a texture just like almond jelly, this tasted ironically like the S$1.50 famous egg bean curd from Chomp Chomp Food Centre! 

The caramel was a perfect sauce to use, as always.

Zuccotto di Ricotta  
The lengthy explanation for this dessert, as seen on the menu, hyped up my expectation. 

And it was with a heavy drop my expectation fell! 

Merely a slice of cake-like dessert that seemed to combine a lot of ingredients that tasted very strange as a whole.

This exterior crust was in fact sponge-like. Pandan sponge (or chiffon) cake will make a better choice in this instance. 

My favourite part of the zuccotto; melon seeds! I know it's not exactly mind-blowing.... 


For what we had regardless of the authenticity, my personal take was that the desserts pricing was too high. What i really want to try were the dishes for a main meal, which i will, in due course!

9, Raffles Boulevard,
Millenia Walk, P3-07,
Parco Marina Bay.

Panna Cotta al Caramello - S$9.00
Zuccotto di Ricotta - S$10.00

Subject to GST and Service Charge
(Plain water served FOC upon request)


  1. Sounds interesting of this restaurant. My mouth still watering. I am getting excitement to know more about menu of this restaurant. I can't wait to visit this restaurant as soon. Hope i will find delicious meal there.


  2. The restaurant is no longer at Millenia Walk! You may try out its other branch at 5 Boon Tat Street
    #01-01. Enjoy!


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