Saturday, May 08, 2010

The House of Steamboat @ Tan Quee Lan Street (Bugis)

Steamboat (or hot pot), to me, is best eaten at home.

The mummy can prepare the ingredients satisfying for each and every one of the family members. And quality is almost guaranteed (mistakes do happen) if you have a mum who knows exactly who to buy from and what she is buying in the wet market.

In addition, the smell that stuck permanently to your clothes makes it really uncomfortable to go any other places, except home.

Due to the above, i detested going for those steamboat buffet eateries that have sprouted all over Singapore in the past few years. And with my bloated (aka fat) stomach in its current glory, a heavy dinner is a no no.

Until recently. 

The House of Steamboat was selected out of the numerous steamboat restaurants in Bugis due to its familiarity and quality attested by my friends. Plus, there were still seating available.

With eight different soups bases (Ginseng Chicken, Laksa, Herbal Chicken, Sichuan Mala, Thailand Tom Yum, Fish Bone, Pork Belly and Spicy Sour), it boasts a "No MSG" tag for those health conscious and people who are deathly allergic to them!

While waiting for the soup to boil, servings of fried buns sparingly drenched in condensed milk and drumlets fried with a supposedly hot chilli paste will act as appetisers and curb that aggravating hunger. 

At the same time, plates of raw meat and seafood (replenishable) were placed on our table. I was taken by surprise the high quality of the meat and took pleasure of eating slices and slices of them....


Grateful that a TV is available (which means i can still catch snippets of the taiwanese drama), the main purpose of this picture is to show the queue in front of the self service free flow counter where you can get your crabmeat, meat balls, vegetables, noodles etc etc.

Unlike 10 years ago where most patrons will use tomato or chilli sauce to complement their cooked food, the trend nowadays is to mix your own sauce with the arsenal of condiments available. And to tell the truth, my handmade mix that comprised of mostly peanut sauce tasted much better than my otherwise favourite chilli sauce!

At the end of the session, be prepared for more food; ice cream and fruits!

When will i ever lose weight?
*shakes head*


7, Tan Quee Lan Street.
Opposite to Bugis Junction and,
Parallel to the famous Liang Seah Street

S$18.80 nett per person for dinner.
With free flow of very diluted drinks! 


  1. Angelynn10:55 PM


    Is this buffet restaurant still there?
    Have you tried the tom yam base...?
    Which is nicer compare to Zhong Hua steamboat and ramen...? ^^
    Do you know what time Zhong Hua opens? =P


  2. Hi Angelynn,

    I saw the restaurant still operating a month ago when i drove past the area.

    Unfortunately, i am not so much a tom yam person but i thought both Zhong Hua and House of Steamboat are quite comparable in terms of tom yam. However, Zhong Hua has much more variety.

    You can visit my entry at for more information.

    Not sure what time it opens. You may call 6337-1655 to check with the staff. :)


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