Sunday, August 15, 2010

Karaoke Again! - With The Sisters! @ Party World KTV

I mentioned HERE i would love to go for another singing session at KBox but my sisters decided to try Party World Yishun instead since it's so much more convenient for the Teo family.

To tell you the truth, i am really impressed with Party World!!

The room decoration was really posh when compared to Kbox. To induce that partying mood, flashing, interchangeable soft lights (not the eye irritating types) were used instead of the usual spotlights!

Two LARGE side by side LCD monitors that were a pleasure to have to enhance the singing experience!

Drinks were so yummy (note: a bit on the sweet side)!! I especially love the Jasmine Milk Tea!

Fancy a game to decide who will be the next person to sing?

The bestest best thing i like about Party World? 

A foot massager was available in every room!!!!

Look at this lady (with her face cropped out although the ugly looking pants were an instant giveaway); she can sing while having a comfortable and relaxing foot massage!


Yishun Northpoint
(Opposite Yishun MRT Station)

For three of us, it's S$65.30 (Saturday, 11am to 3pm)including service charge, GST, towels, copyright charges, fruits, tibits and drinks!  

Prices differ according to the days, time and locations!

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