Saturday, July 24, 2010

Relaxing at Kbox

Busy Busy Busy!!

Yes, it's been a horrendous busy week and i am glad the last important event in my to-do-list is finally cleared!!!

I shall start to pull my hair again end of this year!

Being Cavin who has always craved for a stress-less life that is more than impossible in the contemporary and technological age we live in, it was suggested by the dear sister (elder) to go for a karaoke session!

It's been more than a year since i last visited a karaoke joint and boy did i enjoy singing my heart out with no regards to the horrible, creaky, out-of-tone voice coming out of the speakers!

Additional entertainment by the forever younger looking elder sister with her random, nonsensical dancing!

The above bugger was forever on her feet when she's singing!! With bloody heels!! If it's me, i will have thrown aside the shoes and sing with naked feet!

Loved the savory tidbits too!! At a compulsory two dishes at S$7.00 each, i expected it to be refillable and they were!! I could have bought loads of prawn chips, onions crisps and many others at S$14.00 lor!

Total cost was over S$70 with 4 hours of singing, 3 persons and 2 free drinks each, two dishes of tidbits, copyright charge, GST and service charge!

Next time we shall go for K Lunch.
More worth it!!!

This will be the last post i made.
Before i shave my head "botak" tomorrow!!


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