Saturday, June 12, 2010

Strike Off Wide Screen LCD Monitor

Once again, it's the annual Singapore PC Show!!

I am still confused by the different designated titles for the technology fairs in Singapore; PC show, IT show, Comex etc etc etc.

To me, they are purely events where i can get some really great deals (lower price, more freebies or both) to satisfy my wants!

Due to a better price (S$20 cheaper with a free DVI cable), i managed to strike another item off my wish list!

A widescreen LCD monitor (21.5 inches)!!

Gosh, computer monitors have really evolved in the past twenty-thirty years!

Remember the old box-like CRT monitors that were a drag to carry?!

For those loyalists who are still holding on to the CRT monitors, you want to buy my old LCD monitor? :P


The show will end tomorrow! If you need to buy some badly wanted gadgets (be it DSLR camera, printers, netbooks), don't wait any further!

Be mindful of the crowds though!
It can be so frustrating!
*picture taken a year ago*

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