Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Windy Weather - The Return of Kite Flying

The Straits Times has written on this before. The once-popular hobby is making its comeback!

Yes people! I am talking about Kite Flying! The leisure activity that kids before the 1990s love to do!

Remember, it was the time when computer games were almost non-existent, handheld gaming devices were limited to the privileged few, shopping centres were concentrated at a few places (like Orchard) and some of us live in kampongs (villages) where greenery was everywhere!!

Anyway, the chilli-hot place to fly a kite (literally) in Singapore is the two huge plots of field near to Sengkang Sports Centre!

On weekends, you can see fathers bringing their families to these plots of land. Although it may seem pretty educational, i strongly believe the real motive is for the fathers to relive their childhood.

Regardless the reasons, it is quite a sight to see so many kites in the sky. And the design of the kite is no longer just quadrilateral!

Call me sua ku but they have become so attractive with so many different shapes, lengths and patterns!!! To think we used to make our own kites using paper, glue and some sticks!

With that, i cannot help but think how kites will look like 50 years from now!


  1. very few indulge into this kite flying nowadays... especially the youngster

  2. unfortunately yes. But there is some revival recently, though not impactful enough. :P


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