Saturday, January 09, 2010

Old Fashioned Hamburgers @ Wendy's (Lau Pa Sat)

To tell you the truth, never had i heard of this fast food chain from America until our dear Mr Kon told me about it (psst. especially the humongous hamburgers and how popular it was supposed to be).

A google search revealed that it had over 6,000 outlets (Year 2006) worldwide and that generated a question: why did it take so long to come to Singapore?!!?!! Hallo!!!

Oh ya, it was here more than 10 years ago. The death must be pretty fast then (nods nods). That explains why i never know about it.

Brought in specially by Kopitiam this round, we needed a dinner fix after our three-hours fight in Left4Dead 2. Being so near to Lau Pa Sat and no specific plan for dinner venue, Wendy's the one for the five of us.

The slogan for Wendy's is "Quality is our recipe". Not a good one since I deeply believe that "Taste should be the recipe".

The fried chicken was bland, dry and normal; definitely not comparable to my all time favourite: Arnolds Chicken.

However, as the name suggests, Wendy's specialty is on hamburgers.

Using uncommon square-shaped ground beef patties which were thicker than those in Macdonalds and Burger King,  the hamburgers were really nothing to scream about.

Not to say there's nothing good about Wendy's though. I love the frosty float!!


At Lau Pa Sat. Singaporeans who don't know where this is, go kill yourself give yourself a knock on YOUR head. For foreigners, please visit

Opening Hours:
7.30am to 10pm.

Other Information:
For those who drive, please do not park at the double zigzag lines!!! Get the car into one of the many carparks within the office buildings.



  1. Now you know why its death was swift the last time it was here in Singapore? It had an outlet in Marina Square - I think - and I never once set foot within.

  2. i don't even remember it ever came to Singapore. Well, the death could be slower this time since Kopitiam is the boss. Hahahha.


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