Sunday, January 31, 2010

Off Peak Car (OPC)

I am not ashamed to tell people i drive a red-plate car (which is synonymous with off peak car) for the following reasons:

1) I use my own piggy bank money to pay for the instalments (though my parents paid the hefty downpayment)

2) I survive quite comfortably without the need to be tied down by excessive motor debts

3) Driving a black plate (normal car scheme) means i will spend more on fuel, carpark and ERP charges, not to mention the higher road tax.

4) It can be really stressful when driving to and fro from work, especially with jams being more and more common nowadays!!

5) Time spent driving on the roads can be better used for watching video, playing games or reading newspapers/books on the public transport like trains and buses.

Two weeks back, the old off peak scheme deterred me from driving on Saturday or eves of five public holidays in Singapore, until after 3pm.

That's two weeks ago.

Thanks to some higher beings in the gahmen (singlish for government), OPC owners are given an option to pay a slightly higher road tax to start driving their heavily-mocked red-plate cars on Saturday and eves of the five public holidays!!

And the best thing, i am the beneficiary of such scheme!!

Total damage?
($100 is the hefty service fee and $21 for the increased road tax).

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