Monday, January 25, 2010

Cheese Fan (大理乳扇) @ Yunnan, China

Whenever i was recollecting my first trip to China, one particular delicacy never failed to activate my salivary glands.

This delicious snack originated from the minority Bai tribe in Dali, a place in Yunnan and is called "乳扇"; so named because it is made of milk and resembles a bamboo-made folding fan. 

When you are in a foreign place and realise a lot of shops are selling a specific kind of food, the chance is high that it is the local delicacy. That's exactly what happened when i was touring the old town of Dali! I sourced around and finally found one stall that proudly proclaimed to be the best!

"Toasted" over a pot of charcoal, the strips of cheese were smeared with rose sugar and wrapped round a bamboo stick.

In that cool March weather of roughly 10-15 degrees celcius, the slightly-charred melty cheese proved to be a warming factor and the fragrant rose sugar left a superb aftertaste that made you crave for more of it!!!!

If not for the limited time (as usual), i would have bought a few sticks for snacking in the cold night!

I tried this same snack in Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan.
Disappointing!! The taste was just not right!!!

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