Sunday, December 13, 2009

Marvelous Cream French Sweets Parfait @ CityLink

It is no secret i love ice cream. And having heard so much about this ice cream parlour located in CityLink, my heart had been yearning for a single bite! That chance finally came on Friday after a meal at Jack's Place (which i hope to blog pretty soon) in Marina Square.

With its eye-catching frenchy fused with jappy decor, i knew the existence of this shop for a long long time, without knowing its name. I didn't bother then. Because my sixth sense told me the things in there will not come cheap.

I wasn't too far from the truth but not too near either.

At S$5.90 for a regular serving in a waffle bowl (cannot remember if we paid an additional S$1 for the bowl), the regular scoop was in fact slightly bigger than the regular scoop found elsewhere. Taking into account the additional fruits for mixing and toppings, i thought the price was only slightly higher than other parlours.

Too lazy to consider the multi-level options necessary for custom concoction, i chose one of the shop-creations: Strawberry Banana Bland. Though the apparently-came-from-Hokkaido ice cream tasted light and not overly creamy (which means bland to me), the whole package was, in fact, pretty good.

With god-damn certainty, i am going to try the other creations in days to come!! Including some delicious looking desserts i saw at their counter, especially the yellow one shown above.

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