Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hainanese Chicken Rice (海南雞飯) @ Guan Gourmet House, Yishun

Everyone knows about Hainanese chicken rice; from the old ah mah selling vegetables by the OCBC bank in Chong Pang to the ang moh who contributes frequently to the Straits Times' column (Neil Humphreys lah).

Tell me you are kidding if you truthfully don't know! Foreigners are forgivable!

For the past few months, i repeatedly went back to this Hainanese Chicken Rice stall in Yishun Block 925. Quite a surprise since i have always preferred roasted chicken rice.

What's so good about it??

The Rice

Rice is an important component for this dish annd the one here didn't fail.

Grain upon grain of rice, each significantly apart from one another yet fused with the elements of chicken, garlic and ginger. The essential factors to provide a delicious chew that is soft and fluffy.

The Chicken

Pieces of solid bitey meat that were still sufficiently moisturized! The best part? They were deboned for easy chomping and de-fat to follow the Ministry of Health's advice (i guess)!

The Supporting Vegs

The tomato was a normal raw one; won't want to bore you with its health benefits. I love the achar! Crunchy, slightly sourish and spicy! A few strips of cucumber were hidden underneath the meat.


This stall is located within a coffee shop at block 925 behind Yishun Bus Interchange. Please find the map usually placed in interchanges for further details on surrounding areas around a respective interchange.

Additional Information:
At S$3.50 (you can choose S$2.50 if you wish) for one pax, it's not exactly expensive.

Partial self service since you have to queue to place and pay for your orders. The service staff will deliver your meals to you.

If you drive, please do not park at the roadside since the traffic wardens frequently patronise this area. There is a multi-storey car park located right above the coffee shop. 

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