Friday, November 27, 2009

Yuan Fa Claypot Rice (源发瓦煲饭) @ Chinatown Complex

Some of us would have eaten at this stall, not knowing its name but most of you should have heard of this very famous claypot rice in Chinatown that is rumoured to be so good, it is reasonable to wait at least 30 minutes.

God (or Gods) bless us, we waited only about 20 minutes for the nice auntie to serve us the piping hot claypot. From the size, we count our blessings again that we ordered for two-pax instead of three as the three of us were actually not very hungry!!

The very nice glass noodles

We already had a big slab of korean cuttlefish, a bowl of lamb stew and a surprisingly delicious serving of sourish, chilli numbing glass noodles. Plus some duck internal organs that I didn't take. Oh, and drinks.

Coming back to the main star of this post, Ms Chui did a great job as the designated sauces pourer and with that in mind, the claypot rice did not disappoint (at least to me); the grains were fragrant, bitey and not too burnt, the vegetables were fresh, the sausages were appetizing, the chicken meat was fleshy, smooth and so soft!!

My only grouch? The salted fish.

Why is salted fish so well-liked by so many people!!?!?!?! Even though it enhanced the aroma of the claypot rice, it tasted downright horrible (just like salted egg)!!!! Can't someone just come out with sweetened fish?!?! I bet i will like it more than salted fish!!!


Quite reasonable and although the price is based on person denomination, you are free to order a two-person claypot for just one human, or a five-person one for 10 humans.
Two Person @ S$8
Three Person @ S$12
Four Person@ S$16
Five Person @ S$20

Chinatown Complex, #02-222 (should be quite easy to remember since the Chinese pronounciation for 2 could also be read as hungry). Oh, please click HERE for the streetdirectory and key in Chinatown Complex.

Additional Information:
You have to pay at the point of ordering and the food will be delivered to you in due course (could be beyond an hour). Ask for the waiting time if you are rushing for time.
It never hurts to ask.

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