Saturday, November 21, 2009

Albert Street Prawn Noodle (亚巴街大虾面) @ Lavender Food Square

Long, long time ago, soupy stuff was never my cup of tea.

However, with growing age, acquired taste (due to age also) and a healthy fact that soup can fill up the stomach faster, my fondess for soup has never been so strong before.

Serving the public since 1963, this stall at Lavender is THE place whenever i feel like having prawn soup. I tried a few other stalls, including one frequents by President Nathan, but still prefer this one in Lavender.

At first glance, the soup did look chilli-red but i can guarantee you (except Karen Au) it did not have the chilli-hot sensation.

The almost clear soup was the main attraction to this dish; seafood sweet with a slight herbal taste, it's likely that prawns play the key ingredient in the stock compared to most prawn noodle stalls, who use mainly pork.

The prawns were succulent and fresh. Since i am trying to cut down on my cholesterol, i didn't opt for the popular big prawns (shown above). 

The real truth? It's almost double the price i paid for the normal prawns lor.. I am cutting down on my expenses.

Personally, i love the crunchy bean sprouts and pork lard added to the soup! So if you do not like bean sprouts or pork lard, inform the ladies! Please also notify the ladies if you do not wish to have chilli powder or yellow noodle!

Those are the norm!!

I will blog more on food from this food square once i have more time. The good food is not only limited to prawn noodle.


Location: Click Here and search for Lavender Food Square.

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