Thursday, July 18, 2019

Hunger's Kitchen - Affordable Drinks & Generous Roasted Chicken Salad @ Shaw Tower [Singapore]

Every Wednesday evening, i would be in the vicinity of Bugis and with the abundance of food outlets; i am often spoiled for choice. Trust me; that's a major dilemma for a person who loves to eat! 

For the past few weeks, however, i have been patronizing Hunger's Kitchen at Shaw Tower. There are a few reasons for this continual patronage; one of which is its close proximity to where i would be attending my weekly activity.

Another reason; i need a place where i can hole up for about an hour plus and it's good to note that the air-conditioned restaurant offers extremely low prices for drinks! A cup of hot mocha cost only S$1.80, a bottle of mineral water is S$1.20 and ice lemon tea is S$1.70; that's almost coffee-shop pricing! 

Mocha Coffee - for S$1.80, i am not complaining and this would defnitely last me more than an hour. But drink is only one component; it's dinnertime and i would need something to placate the growling monster we call stomach. 

Roasted Chicken Salad - with me hitting the big 4 o next year, it's important for me to make some change to my eating habit and one of the things i have been ingesting on a frequent basis is salad although i would always prefer mine to consist a meat protein.

While most salad would not contain much meat, i was pleasantly surprised to find a quarter of roasted chicken on my salad that also included corn, black olive, cherry tomato, cucumber, red onion, Parmesan cheese and drenched with lemon vinaigrette! 

It was a good and satisfying meal, especially for a person like me who is somewhat health conscious yet couldn't do without meat! My only wish? For the restaurant to offer even more meat options for their salads! 


100 Beach Road, #01-01, 
Shaw Towers, Singapore 189702


Mocha - S$1.80
Roasted Chicken Salad - S$8.90
(Subject to GST)

Additional Information
Would love to check out their set menu in the future! 

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