Sunday, July 14, 2019

德記山水豆腐花 - Where I Tried Ngong Ping's Famous Beancurd Pudding @ Lantau Island [Hong Kong] #LantauIsland #BeancurdPudding #TofuPudding

My first visit to Hong Kong over 20 years ago didn't bring me to many areas popular with tourists although i did recall from a travel show that visitors to Lantau Island should check out the tofu pudding (known as tau hua for Singaporeans).

There were a few shops selling the signature dessert but over half appeared to be either closed for the day / for good. Hence, we made do with the one that's nearest to the grand entrance of both Po Lin Monastery and the humongous Tian Tan Buddha; 德記山水豆腐花.

Service standard in Hong Kong is not renowned to be the friendliest and you would expect some impatience and roll-eye expression from the staff; having prepared myself before the trip, i was quick in shooting out my order. For those who don't understand Chinese, you order from the cashier counter (doh-fu-fa), let them know if you want cold tofu pudding and pay first. 

So what's so interesting about the tofu pudding in Ngong Ping? The soy beans were supposedly ground using natural spring water and unlike the relatively standard sugar syrup that is poured over the beancurd, the one here had a nice, gingery flavour. 

It tasted pretty good, especially after the climb up and down Tian Tan Buddha although picky eater might feel that the texture isn't as smooth as expected. Want it sweeter? Help yourself to the container of red sugar! 


Near Entrance of Po Lin Monastery and Tian Tan Buddha,
Ngong Ping, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Beancurd Pudding - HKD 17 

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