Sunday, May 27, 2018

McDonald's Ginger Pork Burger @ Sapporo [Hokkaido]

I think most of us are aware of this "Big Mac index" that gives the value of McDonald's iconic burger across countries using a base currency (i.e. US dollars) and i recalled reading it maybe a decade ago that the price in Japan is comparatively higher than Singapore.

Hence, i didn't make it a point to check out the McDonald's in Hokkaido until we were in a fix on where to have breakfast early one morning and voila, a McDonald's branch was right in front of us! 

It's 8.30am and there's no breakfast offerings! Who will have burgers so early in the morning!? Apparently the Japanese do and me too! In actual fact, Singaporeans do too as McDonald's Singapore does offer fillet o fish in their breakfast menu.

Ginger Pork Burger - i am not going to have Big Mac as we can find it in the little red dot too. Something unique it shall be and given the Halal certification for Singapore's McDonald's branches, i am definitely going straight for the ginger pork burger! 

Appearance after unwrapping it continued to be a disappointment; guess it's across countries then. I am a person who depends on visual to activate my craving and it can be disheartening when an item looks so good on the menu and turns out to be rather unappetizing.

What's atop the pork patty? Lettuce and onions.

Taste wise, it thankfully didn't disappoint! It was somewhat like samurai pork burger; albeit with a less sweet marinade that also had a strong ginger flavour. The onions enhanced the taste, as always for someone who loves onions, and provided a nice crunch to every bite.

At 200 yen (about S$2.50), it was honestly not expensive compared to Singapore and you know what? Singapore is actually ranked higher compared to Japan on the Big Mac Index! Don't believe it? Click here


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