Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Deep Fried Chicken Butts @ Thai Khaneng Coffee Shop in Woodlands Industrial Park E2 [Singapore]

As many of you are aware, i often relied on the Great Kon's recommendations when it comes to food and travel and today, i am going to share with all of you the connoisseur's latest haunt; Thai Khaneng coffee shop that's located within an industrial area in Woodlands!

The word 'Thai' is used explicitly here as the non-air-conditioned coffee shop contains a high ratio of Thai food stalls and you can even find a real good Thai milk tea that's not insanely sweet.

I am leaving the Thai milk tea to another day as the main star today hailed from the Mookata stall. Wait, maybe not the mookata stall as it's actually the one next door.

Look; with so many thing to choose from, the usual me would just give a shrug and order something more conventional from another stall like pad thai or pineapple fried rice. However, The Kon knew exactly what's good and grabbed the items he wanted us to try.

A bag of deep fried chicken - now, close friends would know i totally dig deep fried stuff and one of my favourite dishes for takeaway is actually chicken fried in oil!

These were good and even though cut up into small pieces (like popcorn chicken); they remained juicy in the insides and crisp on the outside. At times, it felt as if i am indulging in a delicious, sinful piece of chicken skin!

Notice the weird shape? Kon had, in fact, already told me which part of the chicken these came from and while i had my reservations, i must give 'face' and forcefully threw one into my mouth. The rest was history as i just continued munching through the entire bag!

Have you guessed correctly which part of the chicken they belong to? Answer: the whole tray was filled with pieces of chicken butts; otherwise known as parson's nose! And if you are wondering whether there's that unmistakably 'smell' when i bit through every piece; i can confidently tell you there's none.


1 Woodlands Industrial Park E2,
Singapore 757447

Location Map
As above.

Chicken Butt - S$1 a bag

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