Monday, February 13, 2017

Richeese Factory - Fried Chicken with Cheese Dip & Affordable Buffalo Wings Lookalike with Varying Spiciness! @ Bandung [Indonesia]

Hands up for those who thought Richeese Factory would be a cafe likely renowned for having a delectable range of cheese related desserts! 

I am not entirely wrong as cheese was indeed one of its key selling points. However, it was far from being a dessert shop or even a cafe; the main product was surprisingly, fried chicken! Such a misleading name for a fried chicken outlet.

A supposedly normal serving of fried chicken; these weren't as fatty as the ones at KFC and taste-wise, were rather decent. A meal here was also comparatively cheaper and the four pieces of chicken cost about S$6 in total.

Most importantly was the tray filled with little saucers of cheese! 

Dip your fried chicken and take a bite to experience the wonderful cheesy, savoury and oily combination that would likely be deemed as sinful by any health conscious individual! 

Just like KFC has the hot and crispy chicken, Richeese Factory had the fireburst chicken! With six spicy levels ranging from beginner, medium, hot, xtra-hot, x-treme and ultimate, this would be the dream fried chilli for those really into chilli-laden food.

Lovers of buffalo wings that boasted different levels of spiciness would definitely love this! Our family opted for only medium and i already couldn't bear the hot numbness on my tongue! Give it a try if you are game for the spicy challenge and i dare you to go the ultimate level! 


Bandung Electronic Centre,
Jl. Purnawarman No. 11-13 Bandung 40117

Location MapAs above.


Richicken (Normal) - 52,727 rupiah for 4 pieces
Fireburst Chicken - 74,545 rupiah for 4 pieces
(subject to tax)

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