Saturday, February 25, 2017

OPPA Chicken - Honey Garlic @ Ang Mo Kio Broadway Coffee Shop [Singapore]

It's hard for me to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to food and aside from strong recommendation from friends, the only other reason to venture beyond the zone is when there's an urgent need to pepper my supposedly anything-goes blog with food posts.

At the local town known as Ang Mo Kio, there's usually not much of a thinking and i would likely go for the chicken cutlet at Rasa Sayang Western Food at S11 food centre. This time round, i walked a bit further and the above stall at Broadway coffeeshop caught my attention!

The attractive looking menu definitely helped to draw the attention and as you could probably see, the stall was selling Korean-style fried chicken! It is actually quite unusual to find Korean fried chicken joints at coffeeshops in Singapore's heartlands. 

With five flavours to choose from (original, soy garlic, honey garlic, yangnyum and flaming yangnyum), i couldn't quite decide as taking soy garlic would make it easier for me to compare with 4Fingers which is getting too expensive for my pocket. I eventually settled with the top seller; honey garlic! 

Give your order, pay for it and wait for the food pager to beep for collection! Don't you just love this cool technology; versus that to the past when the stall operator would have to scream your name when your order is ready! 

Here's my visually appealing OPPA chicken (honey garlic) regular comprising of four winglets and four drumlets at only S$8.90. Those too lazy to pick at bones can consider the boneless option at S$11.90 for six pieces. 

Couldn't wait to dig in but it's necessary to hold back a bit by taking photographs necessary for this post; there's a small serving of salad (likely to beautify the dish) and the fried chicken were coated with the best seller sauce and diced up garlic!

I love the chicken; granted it wasn't as crispy and as garlicky as i would like it to be, the honey garlic sauce was sweet and addictive and you can't deny the allure of sauteed garlic bits that burst into shiokness when you bite into them.

Find the flavour a bit lacking? Look no further but the bottom of bowl like plate where the marinated-for-8-hours sauce was collected! 

I bet a bowl of white rice drenched with the amazingly tasty sauce would be cleaned up in no time! Glad that i am disciplined enough to resist the temptation as i am on a no-carb meal at night, where possible. 

Done and looking forward to the next time i am at the vicinity; i shall ask if i can mix the flavours next time; thinking of soy garlic and yangnyum! 


721, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8,
Broadway Coffee Shop,
Singapore 560721


As above.


As above

OPPA Chicken Regular (8 Pieces) - S$8.90

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