Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Unagi Bibimbap @ Insadong Korean Town [Singapore's Resort World Sentosa]

The real insadong back in South Korea didn't leave a deep impression and the irony was that the experience didn't stop me from patronising the Insadong Korean Town at Sentosa for lunch! 

Technology nowadays and the apparent manpower shortage in Singapore's F&B industry have resulted in a rather innovative ordering concept; order via the self service kiosks, pay for your food (via credit cards on the kiosks / cash from the manned counter) and then collect your food from the stalls. Fuss free indeed.

There's only one problem; too many items on the menu wall and it's hard not to be swayed by the pictures of nicely decorated food! The group comprising of six persons took a long time deciding!

Ample seating for about 300 persons; it might look very empty in this photograph but you may wish to note that our lunch was at a super late 3.15pm! 

Tokens that would light up once our food was ready. This is pretty common in Singapore and in my opinion help tremendously to address the labour shortage. 

Extra sauces can be taken from the sauce counters distributed in a number of locations within the dining area; note that they were basic sauces like chilli, tomato etc.

I am a safe person and could never 100% trust pictures taken by professional photographers; hence, i opted for unagi bibimbap which is more Japanese-Korean fusion than authentically Korean. Nevertheless, i don't think unagi has ever tasted horrid before and guess this should be safe. 

Bloody hell - for a moment, i thought i was given chap chye png with a fried egg on it! To be fair, the dishes for my friends turned out to be much more appealing! 

As a combination, once you mix up everything with the savoury bibimbap sauce, the taste was alright albeit hardly memorable and this was the review from a man who was almost dying of hunger! p.s. the fried egg was totally unacceptable! 


Waterfront, Level 1
Resort World Sentosa

Unagi Bibimbap - S$14
[NO GST, NO Service Charge]

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