Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Old Airport Road Hawker Centre Western Barbeque Chicken Chop 2015!

The problem with frequent blogging is the risk of forgetting that i have covered a place before and write about it again; this post for the western stall at Old Airport Road Food Centre shall fall under the aforementioned description as i managed to pull out the review from here

Nevertheless, it was a "fail" visit four years ago and i guess it would only do the stall justice if i give it another chance. As mentioned previously, food taste can deviate with many factors affecting the experience; be it chef's mood, your mood, difference in ingredients etc etc. 

Have i mentioned before that i miss the good old days when such buns were slightly toasted and smeared with a layer of delicious, melted butter? I absolutely dislike the commercial "ready to eat" version commonly seen in such Western food stalls nowadays. 

This time, i was way happier with the taste of the chicken chop and thought the stall had gotten back its magic touch with the honeyed marination i personally preferred and encountered a long time ago. 

It would have been a good meal if not for the fact that a small section of the chicken chop was served raw! Unbelievable and a total wet blanket even though Alex had perfectly fine chicken chops the past two times he dropped by! So, this brings to mind another factor affecting taste; luck. :(


Block 51, Old Airport Road, #01-53, 
Old Airport Road Market & Food Centre 

Chicken Chop - S$6.00

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