Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fish and Crab Shack [滋味海鲜屋] @ The Maritime Experiential Museum™ [Resort World Sentosa]

I am still sorting out the hundreds of pictures for The Maritime Experiential Museum and S.E.A. Aquarium! In the meantime, let's start with something simpler; food.

The fish and crab shack, as the name suggests, was no posh restaurant. You don't have to worry about hygiene or rude staff decked out in tattoos and eye patches but you do need to order and pay for your food at the counter.

Like De Burg (i so miss the decadence burger!), you collect your stuff from the counter once this device starts blinking. Don't you just love the technology behind it?! In the past, i would have to either wait at the counter or check with the staff every few minutes! 

Chicken Wings
Comparable to those from Ikea with the exception that these were less flavourful. Kon, the absolute foodie, found them disappointing. 

Prawn and Bacon Spaghetti
I was so looking forward to this delicious pot of spaghetti. 

To be honest, i thought the wrong dish was sent and cross examined it a couple of times against the picture on the menu. Truth hurts and it could get only get worse. Cream sauce was too thin, spaghetti was too salty and it was obvious right from the start that the meaty ingredients (prawns, bacons etc) failed miserably to enhance the lackluster taste.

"Zheng He" Seafood Fried Rice
Despite the lack of any exciting vibrancy in the presentation, this was the best of the lot as far as taste was concerned. Would you like to guess what the deciding factor was? 

The pork floss. 


For the kind of price we paid, we deserved better food. 

8 Sentosa Gateway Waterfront 
The Maritime Experiential Museum
Resorts World Sentosa

Chicken Wings - S$11 for six
Prawn and Bacon Spaghetti - S$15.90
"Zheng He" Seafood Fried Rice - S$12.90
[Subject to GST]

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