Monday, April 08, 2013

Birth Order and its Impact on YOUR Personality

This is an interesting piece of information i grabbed from one of the many Facebook feeds for sharing. 

I am a middle child and despite hearing so much of the middle child syndrome, my situation is slightly more unique as i also happen to be the only son in a Chinese family. Nevertheless, just a few paragraphs for your reading pleasure. 

Oldest Child
The oldest(s) child are rarely bad. They come off as bossy because they created a sense of responsibility at a very young age. They are usually the bossiest in the family but they are also people pleasers. Children in the eldest position tend to marry or stay in a relationship for a long period of time. They are perfectionists and put themselves under a lot of pressure at time.

=> My elder sister is an example although she wasn't really bossy to begin with; she has violent tendencies though!

Youngest Child
They often behave as if they are the only child and expect others to do things and make decisions for them. At times, they feel that they are the weakest / smallest of the family. They are very tricky and know how to manipulate people into doing things for them. The youngest child are fun and well liked by others and are usually really good at examining and studying people. In a group, they are the loudest and love to seek attention. If you are dating a person of such birth order, the worst thing you can do is tell them what to do. They have low expectations in a relationship, are innovative and usually have the best sense of humor. However, they are usually undisciplined, self centered and have a high ego.

=> My younger sister (for those who are in shock, she is indeed the youngest child in my family) is not loud, is not self centered and she must be one of the most disciplined person i have ever known; her gym regime has always been pretty consistent unlike many of us. 

Middle Child
This child never had rights of an older and younger child; they often feel as if life is unfair. The good things are that they are highly adaptive, willing to do things differently and can compromise better than others. Besides being good at keeping promises and able to get along really well with people, they are independent and usually don't rely on others. A peacemaker yet a rebel in a group. Likely a stubborn cow which dislikes computation. Asking for help is something they don't enjoy; they either feel too embarrassed or rather learn for themselves. Lastly, they don't like to share their feelings!

=> I am a classic example and i thought the above sum up my personality pretty comprehensively except for thing; i totally love numbers! 

p.s. as i have always said, humans are too complicated and there's really nowhere you can find any analysing tools or tests that can 100% predict your personality. Therefore, read everything with a pinch of salt yet with an open minded heart. :)

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