Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lee Kheong Roasted Delicacy 李强烧腊 [Roast Duck and Char Siew] @ Hong Lim Food Centre [Chinatown]

I was super disappointed to find Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist closed last Sunday and even though my stomach was in a murderous mood to get lunch, i was adamant in slowly looking around the available stalls for something which could satisfy my taste buds at the same time.

After circling the hawker centre twice, i finally zeroed in on a stall selling charcoal roasted delights. It would be great if i could travel to Paya Lebar for Kay Lee char siew but i was literally on the verge of fainting from hunger!

The queue was at least 15-person long - not really the best situation when the body was suffering from lack of food. Nonetheless, the human mind is stronger and i persistently soothed my tummy: "This would be good. Look at the fantastically bloody long queue. I assure you would be fattened up in no time"!

It was a torturous wait of forty minutes! I was in fact lucky as i managed to secure the last serving of char siew and there were still ten persons right behind me.

Hunger prevailed with the order of a plate of roasted delights (mix of char siew and roast duck) for two persons for a total of S$10. The usual me would have preferred a standard plate which cost at least S$3 at this stall.

Bad things first - the plain rice was too dry and immensely hard to stomach! The saviour came in the form of the marvellous chilli sauce! On char siew, it had a nice glaze with an inner pinkish glow and tasted extremely healthy; which means it was full of lean meat and devoid of any fat that would have make this sinfully to-die-for (for those who did not get my sarcasm, the char siew here was not my cup of tea)! 

The roast duck was an entirely different picture from the char siew; it was meaty and topped with a layer of crunchy skin that was perfectly charred on top yet dripping with fatty juices underneath. The flavour that remained etched in my memory can only be described as mildly gamey yet sickening delicious! 


531A, Upper Cross Street, 
#02-15, Hong Lim Food Centre

Additional Information
Be there early as everything would likely be cleaned out by around 1.30pm (as in my case on a Sunday)!

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