Saturday, March 23, 2013

Absolut Vodka [Produced in Sweden] - Should I Put My Collection Up for Sale?

Many friends are aware i don't club and that i am a really weak drinker when it comes to alcohol. The two aforementioned conditions, however, didn't dent my interest to collect beautiful bottles of duty-free Absolut Vodka whenever i returned from an overseas trip. 

I amassed quite a good quantity and this would have continued if not for one simple reason; space and the lack of it. 

Since the bottles are now collecting dust and placed in a dark location hardly befitting of their glamorous status, i have been deliberating on the option to sell the entire batch to interested parties (my parents would be so glad to read this)!

There is a question mark in my mind though - would i flout any Singapore law since i don't have the license to sell alcohol and i got them without paying any duty?

Would be grateful for any enlightenment! 

 Sorry as i have decided to keep my collection intact. According to some well-informed friends, it might flout some existing law on alcoholic sale and i thought it best to keep them for further dust collection. 

Thanks for all the interest!  


  1. Anonymous2:17 PM

    it's fine as loads of people seel their collection online. I would buy the tropics off you if you are selling. do pm me at if you are selling

  2. Anonymous3:30 PM

    i am interested in a couple of your bottles too. app/sms me at 94351221

  3. Contact me @ 90283166 if u wanna sell any

  4. thanks for being interested in the collections!

    i have discussed with a few friends and decided the best option is to keep them for myself without flouting any law that would technically create more trouble for everyone.

    once again, thank you for your interest!