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Singapore Flyer [新加坡摩天观景轮] - World's Tallest & Largest Observation / Ferris Wheel

Singapore Flyer - who can actually ignore the existence of such a massive structure while traversing along the highway of the country's downtown?!?!

As of today [12 January 2013], it is still the world's tallest ferris wheel; a record held since 2008. So what took me so long to give this a miss for more than four years?

The answer is not that thought provoking and was in fact, THE reason most Singaporeans gave for not visiting before 29 June 2012: the big, unsightly construction site that was to become Gardens By The Bay.

I paid a visit back in September after Gardens by the Bay started its operations and as you could probably count, this post was way overdue although i went back a second time (a rushed one) in November 2012.

Enter via this portal which will not bring you straightaway to take the flyer. Instead, you are required to embark on a journey; a fantasy one known as Journey of Dreams.

Learn more about this journey by click here.

Getting ready to enter the capsule; there are 28 capsules in total and each of them has a maximum capacity of 28 persons with an interior space of 28 meters square. 28, 28, 28 - an auspicious number that means double prosperity for Chinese.

A safety net made of steel can withhold the weight of 25 adult elephants falling from a 7-meter drop. Cold comfort for visitors afraid of height! 

Manual latch on the outside for both the capsule's entry and exit points. Electronic lock might seem more efficient but think about it; what if there is an electronic failure and the doors slide open without must resistance? And you happen to be at the highest point of the wheel. Ultimate horror for the acrophobics.

Going up! The excitement was evident! There is one way to make it even more exciting; have a few open-air capsules where you can feel the wind blowing into your face and possible threats of lightning and thunderstorms! 

One cycle takes roughly 30 minutes (it could be 28 minutes) and no worries about getting excessive ultraviolet (UV) exposure; all the viewing windows are UV protected. 

Costa Rhu - the exclusive residential enclave that looks conveniently located yet it really isn't. It might even be faster to swim across the river to get to Suntec shopping centre than to drive there. 

I guess i am slowly getting used to my fear of heights. Caveat is that i must feel protected; area covered at all sides (put a tick), solid handles that don't wobble (put another tick) etc.

Like an analog clock, the flyer was made to turn clockwise when view from the sea. Under the influence of Fengshui masters in 2008, the decision was made to switch the rotation to the other direction. 

The almost completed Gardens by the Bay! I am in the midst of preparing the pictures for a few blog postings on the domes; look out for them! 

Supertrees that would look right at home in the planet of Pandora! I absolutely love them despite their artificial origins! You have to catch their light show which was freaking good! 

Gardens by the Bay are not limited to just one area.  The yet to be developed brownish green strip would be Gardens by the Bay (Bay East). It would be a bonus if the government can take back the Marina Bay Golf Range and re-designate it as a public place. 

We shall now come to the boring sections - structure of Singapore Flyer which is the only wheel type using the slim ladder truss as its rim that has a diameter of 150 meters! 

The wire cables appeared to be all over the place with a very important reason; the criss-crossing is necessary to stabilise the rim and prevent twisting.

Reaching a height of 165 meters, i have always marvelled and respected those engineers, technicians and cleaners who face no fear when climbing up to the top of the structure! 

Wheels that move the big wheel! 

Metal corrosion? That would be quite a frightening image should the flyer topple like the way the Statue of Liberty did in many movies. 

Almost reaching the pinnacle! The problem with such a short ride means i have to take the flyer again at night to take in a different sight. 

Alex preparing a shot with his ipad. 

The topmost point! Almost everyone was scrambling to the Marina Bay Sands side for a panoramic view of Singapore's skyline with its modern skyscrapers and districts of historical shophouses. 

I show no fear! *proud* Wahahaha, bet many of you are wondering what is the best deal! 

This was just one of the many spectacular views you can take of Singapore's skyline. Next week, i should show more pictures taken from the side of the new financial centre.

'Ship' that has stranded on top of Marina Bay Sands. At a price of S$19 per adult for entry to the observation deck at the skypark, i thought it was too steep even though it was taller than Singapore Flyer by 29 meters.

Grand prix circuit! Maybe i should start saving so that i can bring my dad along for Singapore Grand Prix 2013 this September; he was a big fan when the circuit was at Thomson where we used to stay. 

Known as exo capsules, the design of being attached outwards of the wheel allows visitors to have an unobstructed view of the surroundings. Question is; how do we manage to stay permanently on the ground when the wheel is turning? Is the capsule turning at the same as well? 

30 minutes may seem short but i can tell you, it is more than sufficient. At this point, adults were yawning and children were turning restless! 

The Promontory @ Marina Bay - the lack of shade and wind together with the hot, humid weather signature of Singapore make this green patch superbly inhumane to hold any event!

We are coming to the end of the rotation. 

Going through the link bridge to partake in likely-to-be-expensive-souvenir-shopping! *p.s. i think Alex was picking his nose*


30 Raffles Avenue
[Nearest MRT Station; Promenade] 

As above [red star]


Ticket Pricing
Visit their website for a cheaper deal.
Click here.

Additional Information
In events of bad weather, all rides on the flyer would be suspended until further notice.

Which means the queue to enter would likely be horribly long! For Singapore residents or free and easy travellers, you can get a stamp to extend your ticket but for tourists on a strict schedule, you can only pray for the weather to get better. 

Right beneath the main rotating axis of the wheel in the center of the Singapore Flyer was a free for all attraction known as Rainforest Discovery.

With miniature cascading waterfalls, barely towering trees and artificial looking rocks, it was more a themed garden that a rainforest discovery.

Having said that, it was a nice, relaxing stroll.

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