Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Journey of Dreams [梦幻之旅] @ Singapore Flyer [新加坡摩天观景轮]

When the uncontrollable anticipation is to ride on the world's tallest observation wheel, i wonder if it is wise to set up an attraction filled with wordy information, technical knowledge and confusing concepts that require using a bit of imagination right before taking on the wheel.

This attraction is known as Journey of Dreams; an interactive, colourful expedition that will bring you to different galleries showcasing the stories of Singapore and Singapore Flyer.

The journey begins with you going through a security check to ensure you are not bringing any dangerous materials [mice and donuts were supposedly allowable] that would likely jeopardize the safety of your fellow travellers. 

Dreamscape - circles, moving circles and more circles against a backdrop of cut-outs of even more circles! Forgive me for my lack of artistic understanding as this is supposed to be a 'glorious kaleidoscope of images'.

The Discovery - this would satisfy the hungry knowledge seeker since it talked about the conceptualisation of Singapore Flyer, its construction and other technical know-how that were pretty interesting [for example, the only animals that had been on board the Flyer were orang utans and dogs; this reminded me so much of animal testing in laboratories]. 

Note: Please visit on a weekday as the bigger crowd on weekends is a major deterrent for you to slowly read through and digest the information. 

Main draw of the gallery - a 1.5-meter wide circular table with a screen that you can turn (or dial) to see numerous images of Singapore Flyer's construction; something like a time machine.

Fragment of Dreams - i admit i like this given the vibrancy of colours and the inclusion of notable Singapore's icons over three life-sized screens. 

Taking pictures of people in front of the screens were a pain in the ass though; without flash, you can only see silhouettes, with flash, the colours on the screen would appear whitewashed. It's difficult to have the best of both worlds.

Up the second level where you would quickly walk past a narrow gallery of blue, orange and purple. On weekends, you would not be able to stop! 

Reservoir of Dreams - i only remember the three globe-like structures in the gallery as i didn't have much time to read through the information; by this time, my friends and colleagues could not wait to sit in the capsules that would bring us 165 meters up in the air.

Honestly, the exit was wrongly designed to appear like a beacon of light in the darkness; beckoning visitors to quickly exit the galleries!


30, Raffles Avenue, Singapore Flyer
[Before You Take the Ride on Singapore Flyer]

Included in the standard ticket price to take the Singapore Flyer. 


  1. I have a friend who is in business and planning on living in Singapore. Is there a luxury property that he and his big family can live near this? He would love to experience Singapore flyer.

    1. hm.... there are quite a number of condominiums along the stretch of Tanjong Rhu with likely luxurious penthouses overlooking the Singapore Flyer. Check them out online!:)