Monday, June 25, 2012

Laguna Redang Island Resort Review @ Pulau Redang, Terengganu [Malaysia]

Now is the right time to give my personal review on the accommodation for my Redang trip made earlier this month; it would be a nice breather away from the recent snorkeling and food postings!

As mentioned in the Merang Jetty post, there was a ferry that would bring us straight to the resort. From memory, i think the journey took us around an hour and the weather, as shown on the picture, was fantastic.

Shortly after we disembarked at 10am, we were ushered to a briefing room. You heard me right - there was a briefing conducted to inform all newcomers on the do's and dont's! 

I guess this was related to the full board package that most visitors signed up for as it touched on things like mealtime hours, how to use the uniquely-shaped key, where are the snorkeling destinations, what you can do in your free time etc etc.

The resort is the second biggest (in term of number of rooms) along a congested stretch known as Pasir Panjang (not to be confused with the one in Singapore) and you can see from the above, the area it encompasses. 

This sign board would give you a rough gauge on the distance to other resorts from Laguna Redang. Pasir Panjang is the most happening stretch (according to the very informative although i still find it pretty boring at night since i am not a booze / party person. 

Registration would take place in the main lobby and given how lazy most tourists can be, there were two trams on duty that will bring us there. 

Our room would only be available from 12 noon and this resulted in too much time on our hands! Time to explore the white, powdery beach and familiarize ourselves with the new surroundings! 

First up - the More More Tea Inn~! Check out my review here

A dangerous looking wooden pathway right beside the 'inn' piqued our interest.

It actually provided a dry walkway to the Redang Reef resort that would otherwise be separated (by water) from the rest of the resorts along Pasir Panjang. 

Green hills, clear turquoise blue water, white sandy beach - most of us would love to stay rooted on the elevated pathway and enjoy the bird's eye view if not for the glaring, merciless sun!

With the exception of safety for children and those who are allergic to salt water, i basically don't understand why people would swim in chlorinated water when there is an ocean right outside the resort. 

Known as the recreation centre, you can find pool tables, mahjong tables, a massage centre and a tiny food court that sells roti pratas and really nice smelling Ramly burgers! This is also the place for us to draw out life jackets and snorkeling masks. 

Love to hear professional singers belting out memorable songs while you drink a mug of beer and enjoy the beautiful ocean view? This beach bar would allow you to do just that!

Kids would love this floating structure called Float Island. I initially thought the use of this facility would be free and i am stupid to have made that assumption!

Like any profit oriented organisations, charges were imposed at RM30 for adults and RM20 for children. Thankfully i have no children; i bet Jerald would definitely pester my brother in law to pay for this.

Our room was finally ready after lunch! For my review on food in Laguna Redang, please click here

For two persons, i would say the room was bigger than what we expected and could easily house another two persons. The television was indeed a bit dated with bad reception but overall, it looked inviting. And comfortable. 

What i couldn't stand is that the mirror and wash basin were outside the bath room! It was a pain in the ass (not literally) for the two nights as i tend to brush and floss my teeth naked before having my shower. 

I paid for a garden view room and what appeared beyond the balcony was greenery alright even though it would be more appropriate to categorise it as forest or jungle! 

Nonetheless, despite the above, the service by the resort staff was fabulous and i did enjoy my 3 days, 2 nights stay at Laguna Redang island resort.

The lack of shopping (which was almost non-existent) honestly enabled us to rest and relax. This is what people always want from beach holidays. 

Don't we? 


The resort is located on the east coast of Pulau Redang and is known as a great place to catch sunrise. 

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  1. how far is the room to the beach?

    1. it really depends on the rooms you have been assigned to but the walk was honestly nothing to scream about; it's a beach resort, just take your time. :)

  2. how many stops/breaks did the bus take on the travel to and from Singapore?

    1. Haha, you are testing my memory here but i remember it's maybe about 3 stops? Try not to drink too much water. :)