Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Dangerous Encounters" Live with Brady Barr @ Singapore Zoological Gardens

Who is Brady Barr? I had no inkling of this person although my friend did mention he was a popular host for the National Geographic cable channel.

Nonetheless, i was promised a free admission to the zoo and a sumptuous bento meal to beat the inflation! Okay, that's not entirely the truth as i know i would enjoy the company of the Gang of Four and it is always informative to attend such educational events. 

Held in the Forest Lodge of Singapore's very famous zoo, the place rapidly filled up with Starhub's employees and their families and friends. 

Here's the man himself; Dr Brady Barr who shared with us his many daring yet interesting encounters with reptiles, notably his favourite subject - crocodiles. On the screen to the right was a picture of a croc who was eventually subdued using cable wires and his underpants! 

Nothing's more appropriate than having live animals on site to conclude the presentation! As you can see, the kids were so excited that safety was not an issue! And Brady, being the most experienced, was actually more worried than any of their parents.

For the benefit of adults who remained glued to their seats, Dr Barr took a tiny croc (which could still give a nasty bite) and walked down the main aisle. 

He gave a fantastic presentation; one that was convincing enough to almost persuade me to sign up for the National Geographic Channel. Thankfully, i am a realist. 

Anyway, a photo session was available for attendees to take a picture with this famous man who has captured all 23 crocodile species! 

That's not all, at least not for the kids. There was an origami session and even a balloon sculptor who could twist balloons into animals! 

Now's the long awaited bento meal. 

The food were served in a bento alright but they were mere snacks! Such 'disappointments' were in fact blessings in disguise as i really have to reduce my food intake due to an expanding waistline.



Since we were free to roam around the zoo after the live encounter with Brady Barr, we might as well make full use of the complimentary ticket that would otherwise cost us twenty bucks each!

There was a wedding proposal during the Splash Safari show! So sweet sia and we all thought the man was about to be thrown into the water for real! 

However, i thought the ending of the animal show could be managed better (the presenter actually asked visitors who would like to be splashed to stand in front of the stage to end the show). Not my cup of tea but of course there were many willing parties! 

For those interested to read about my more comprehensive zoo visit in 2010, please visit

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