Thursday, March 01, 2012

Purchase of a Kindle from via vPost for Pig Sister

I purposely took leave this afternoon because there was no one at home and i am waiting for a very important delivery! The best part was i had no idea if the delivery would even take place today!

The best estimate is via the track and trace page for the item i ordered from via vPost (also known as virtual post). From the status page, it does seem highly probable that i would receive the item today.

Although i reached home at 12.40pm, it was not till 4pm that i received a knock on the front door. To be frank, i was almost about to kiss the courier man when i saw the brown package he was holding!

He has to thank the metal grilles which played a big role in preventing me from showering my kisses of gratitude. Anyway, this box held the equipment i purchased online.

Kindle - an electronic book reader (using an E Ink electronic paper display that is comfortable for the eyes) in its 4th generation that is lighter than a book and has a long battery life of one month! For more information, please check out the wikipedia page here.

Question: Why did i buy an e-book reader when it has been a long time since i last touched any book? For Cavin, any free time has already been taken up by iPhone games and blogging.

Answer: Due to my introduction a few years ago (well before i purchased the iPhone and Nintendo DS console), a family member is now obsessed with reading. And the poor lady has to endure the long walk to the library every weekend; each time tugging along a few kilograms of books!

This lady is none other than Pig Mother Louise, my elder younger sister.

And the main reason why i was so desperate to receive the kindle today?

Both violent sisters are leaving (in reality, their plane left Changi an hour ago) for their 3-week holiday in Europe today and i guess the kindle would benefit Louise who is rarely seen without a book. Joyce might benefit as well; if she needs some sleep.

It was meant to be a surprise but blabbermouth Alex has already told the pig mother Louise!! Regardless, i know she is really pleased to receive this early birthday present.

Let me share with you an open secret.
She is single and available!


As i mentioned earlier, i made my purchase via vPost with the following breakdown - US$79 (roughly S$100) for the Kindle and S$20.60 for the shipping. I could have saved S$20 from the shipping costs (incurred from vPost) but i could not find my Maybank credit card!

Utilising vPost brings back a lot of memories as this e-business division in Singapore Post is actually my second industrial attachment when i was studying in Singapore Polytechnic! In fact, i was involved in the analysing stage for the first milestone [red box].

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