Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lorong Halus Pedestrian Bridge [Connecting Lorong Halus Wetland and Punggol Promenade over Serangoon Reservoir]

The wetlands or the bridge? That's the question i faced as i reviewed the pictures i took in Lorong Halus two weeks ago. The bridge won as i would have lesser pictures to edit (brightness mostly).

Lorong Halus Bridge (the official term is a mystery as i could not find much information online) is one classic bridge that evokes a strange sense of nostalgia yet displays a contemporary design.

Guess the nostalgia comes about due to the maroon colouring of the bridge; it reminds me so much of those classical red steel bridges for coal /steam powered trains.

But this bridge is only limited to pedestrians! Cyclists have to dismount and push their bicycles across although this rule was blatantly ignored by the cyclists when i was there.

Most sections of the bridge are unsheltered and you bear the risk of being attacked by the unsightly bombs released by flying wildlife that thrives in the area.

Only the middle segment has a sheltered, wavy canopy (maybe around 30 meters) to protect you! This section is also the best place to rest as you immerse in a panoramic view of Singapore's 16th reservoir.

Informative panels are on hand to give you a brief summary of where you are (over Sungei Serangoon, now known as Serangoon reservoir) and the reason why we need to dam the river.

To the far right are actually the flats of Punggol town while the right bank of the reservoir (in this picture) is where you can find Uncle Leong seafood.

On the opposite side is a fantastic view of Serangoon Tidal Gates. Known also as Serangoon East Dam, you may read more in my blog entry HERE.

The end of the bridge signifies the start of Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk. My stamina could not withstand walking for another few kilometers and my brain was STRONGLY encouraging that i turn back.

Which i did. But before i end the post, please find below two more photographs of this steel beauty.

Length of the bridge?

Rough estimation put at between 150-200 meters.


As above.

I would recommend you park at Tebing Lane, where Uncle Leong Seafood is located.

There is another car park at the nearer Lorong Halus Wetland but you could find no more than six lots. You may park by the roadside outside the wetland at your own risk.

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